Start the music

Are you a music partner—such as a record label or music publisher—that is ready to put your music catalog on YouTube? We’ll cover how you can manage your music on YouTube and share strategies to help you maximize the value of your assets on the platform.


Knowing about asset types can help you determine how your intellectual property is managed and monetized on YouTube.

  • Music Video - The official music video for a recording; has an embedded Sound Recording asset.
  • Art Track - A Sound Recording with a still image; YouTube creates an Art Track from an uploaded recording, artwork, and metadata.
  • Sound Recording - An audio recording; the underlying publishing ownership is represented by all embedded Composition Shares.
  • Composition Share - An ownership share of a musical composition; embedded within a Sound Recording asset.

Other asset types cover content that isn’t specific to music partners. If you also control rights to non-music content that you plan to share on YouTube, check with your Identity Digital partner manager to determine the requirements.