Build your brand

There’s no magic number of subscribers or watch hours that determine when you should start selling merchandise. Instead, you can analyze your channel and brand to see if you’ll get a return on your investment. Some ideas to consider:

  1. Assess your brand strength. The volume of search activity associated with your brand or channel name is a strong indicator of how well known it is.
  2. Gauge audience engagement. The number of subscribers matters less than how active your audience is. Does your audience regularly like, comment on, and share your videos? Do these viewers engage with your Community posts?
  3. Identify your goals for merch. Decide how much financial and personal returns matter to you. Do you want to make a specific amount of money every month? Are you excited to see your fans representing you in public?

A major factor is how much your audience identifies with you and your channel. When viewers see themselves as part of a community, they’re more likely to want merch from that creator.


our merchandising is personal to your brand, so try to find things that fans associate with you and your channel. Are there jokes, memes, or catchphrases that you share with your community? Do you have a fan-favorite video? Think about what types of merch would be “must-haves” for your fans. Consider the following:

  • Keep it relevant. Do research to learn if there's a market for your merchandise. You can ask yourself what your audience wants and if it’s unique to your brand.
  • Start slow. Test your audience’s appetite for your merch. Consider what kind of merch to offer and for how long it will be available before you expand.
  • Keep it focused. Introduce one product at a time. Ask your audience what they want to see in a poll (via cards or community posts).
  • Make it extra special. Think about launching merch to celebrate your subscriber milestone on YouTube or other specific goals.

Many creators find success with merch when they have a strong connection with their audience and enthusiasm for their brand. Merch is as much about passion as it is about making money.

If you want merchandising to become a core part of your business, make sure to have a good handle on the costs, processes, and time commitments. Identity Digital offer all of this in our partnership allowing creators the ease of merchandising distribution.