Your Plan Of Attack

A strong content strategy will drive both programming and format choices. An analysis of watch time patterns can give you an idea of how your content is being perceived by your audience and may help inform future production or programming strategies.


People usually come to YouTube to be entertained, educated or inspired. Content that targets viewer intentions can drive stronger audience engagement. People may reflexively turn to a digital device in order to watch something, learn something or do something – and videos satisfying these needs are more likely to keep someone interested.

To evaluate how your content entertains, educates, or inspires, look at the Watch time report. Group your videos by each content format, and look at their watch time performance across a specific period.

You'll frequently find patterns in watch time that can inform your programming strategy. The strategy consists of more than a calendar; it serves as the foundation for the type of content and programming schedule – aligned with the channel mission and tailored for the target audience.

Hero-Hub-Help is a way to programme complementary types of content to drive audience engagement on YouTube. There's no one-size-fits-all model, and your programming strategy may depend on factors such as the channel value proposition, viewer passion points and production resources.