Power up your channel

In the past, working with brands was thought to be a financial opportunity only for famous people. But that’s no longer the case. The evolution of YouTube and new media has given independent artists and creatives a voice and a dedicated audience.

YouTube creators, like you, are valuable to brands because you have a fanbase who trusts you. Your relationship with your viewers brings a human element to an advertising opportunity. Trust can lead to purchases, which is the ultimate goal for a brand.



Videos or other types of media assets you develop with a brand are called “branded content". Branded content is usually paid for by a brand and features their products or services in some way.

“brand deal” is a partnership between creators and brands and is sometimes referred to as a “brand sponsorship” too.

“Brand integrations” are a type of branded content where a creator finds a way to seamlessly feature a product or service in their videos. The idea is to do something with the product in the video that makes sense and aligns with your own channel’s brand.

Typically, partnering with brands is mutually-beneficial to creators and brands:

  • You develop an additional source of revenue and gain access to products.
  • Products can spark new video ideas.
  • Your audience can benefit from learning about new products and services. Sometimes, you’ll get early access and coupon codes to offer your fans.
  • Brand deals can help establish your channel as an influencer and open doors to career opportunities beyond YouTube.
  • Brands benefit because they’re able to reach a specific audience with their product and expand their target market.

Remember, anytime you partner with brands or receive a product or service for free in exchange for content, you may have disclosure obligations. For more help speak to the experts at Identity Digital.